New DoubleTwist Release Supports Nexus One, Adds Amazon MP3 Store for Windows

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PC owners now have access to doubleTwist's Amazon-linked music store, and all doubleTwist users will have support for the most talked about phone of the moment. Not a bad day's worth of updates!


The doubleTwist-Amazon venture has been available for Macs for about a week, and looks like it will deploy the same easy-to-use interface on Windows. It will also have the same all-important advantages over the iTunes Goliath: lower prices and the ability to sync your music to any of your PMPs.


The Nexus One support is a little baffling, since the phone doesn't officially exist yet, but we'll take doubleTwist founder DVD Jon's word for it.

Windows release notes:


* Integrated Amazon MP3 music store. Currently only users with a U.S. credit card can purchase from the store.
* You can now re-import your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists (in the Preferences dialog).
* Support for the Nexus One Android phone.

Mac release notes:


* Support for playlist sync.
* There's now an option in the music store to "Keep me signed in".
* You can now link doubleTwist to your Twitter and Facebook accounts (in the Preferences) and optionally broadcast your music purchases to your friends.
* Fixed an issue with the music store not loading on older Mac OS X 10.5 versions (e.g. 10.5.5).
* Support for the Nexus One Android phone.


[doubleTwist release notes for Mac and Windows]

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I think it's a little silly for companies to claim Nexus One support when what they're really doing is supporting Android in general.

Or is DoubleTwist suggesting that they'll support the Nexus One and no other Android devices?