New eBay App Lets You 3D Print Stuff Without Your Own Printer

Chances are if you're normal and sane and at least remotely responsible with your money, you're not dropping $2,000 on a 3D printer. But that doesn't mean you can't tinker with 3D printing. eBay just released an app called Exact, that lets you customize and purchase your own items.

You can choose from 3D-printed products like iPhone cases, watches, jewelry, and so on from Makerbot, Sculpteo, or Hot Pop Factory. The choices are limited to 18 items for now, but if the app is a hit, eBay would probably add more. And your creation is customizable down to the materials and colors. Prices range from around $9 for a phone case to $350 for a custom ring.


3D printing is a neat thing to explore, and Exact seems like a nice option if you just want to screw around or if you're thinking about buying your own 3D printer and just aren't sure yet. [App Store via eBay via Engadget via TNW]

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