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The new Garmin iQue M4 is pretty much the same as the previous model, the iQue M3. A PDA product that comes with the StreetPilot interface, greeting you with "Where To?" and "View Map," the new M4 now comes with pre-loaded maps of North America, making it easier to just grab and go. No SD card or special software needed (as with the M3). It also includes a highly sensitive GPS receiver, 64 megabytes of RAM, and SD/SDIO expansion slot for memory and wireless networking and comes with a USB synchronization cable, AC wall charger, auto cradle, companion CD or DVD (US only) with owner s manual, City Navigator North America NT maps pre-loaded, and quick-reference guide. Available in December for $700.

Garmin s iQue M4 Combining Pre-Loaded Maps with Proven Interface [Garmin]