New iPhone Specs Confirmed, 2GB of RAM On-Board

While Apple showed off most everything about the new iPhones last week, it didn’t tell us about one thing: how much RAM is crammed inside the new phones. Thanks to some clever sleuthing in Xcode, we now know the numbers.


2GB is the obvious upgrade from the 1GB found in the 6. It’s not going to win the specs war against the 3GB of RAM you’ll find crammed into top-end Android phones, but that’s not made iPhones run slow in the past.



Can we get something about why Apple is punishing it’s customers by still releasing a 16gb iPhone?

I was pretty surprised to see they had the gall during the anouncement. You could tell when it was time to reveal the onboard storage they just kind of started mumbling.

I was duly suprised to see the the press not give a shit.