New Logitech iPod Speakers Are Almost Certainly Sufficient

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iPod docks are a dime a dozen, though Logitech's are some of the most reliable and best-sounding. They've got two new rechargeable docks, and we're sure they sound nice and work well—but there's nothing new or exciting here.

The S125i, checking in at $70, is totally standard: Universal iPod/iPhone dock, 3.5mm auxiliary input for other audio sources (I like using my Zune, because I'm a rebel like that), a one-touch bass boost button, and can run on 4 AA batteries for around 10 hours.

Equally dull is the S315i, pictured, a little more expensive at $130, has the same inputs, except its battery is rechargeable and lasts twice as long, up to 20 hours. Apparently the "custom, full-range drivers" give excellent lows and highs, though without having heard it we can't confirm that.


Like we said, these docks are totally fine—if we were in the market for a new iPod dock, we'd definitely consider them. Logitech has a history of nice-sounding, nice-looking iPod accessories and it stands to reason these'll be perfectly nice as well. But there's also nothing new here, and we just can't get too excited about another black plastic and silver metal iPod dock. [Logitech]

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Do these work with the iPhone?

If so, i'm considering them.