New Mutants Latest TV Spot Highlights Magik and Mayhem

Magik manifesting her Soulsword.
Magik manifesting her Soulsword.
Image: Marvel Studios/20th Century Fox

New Mutants’ stripped-down, horror-focused vibe has always made it appear as if the movie might be somewhat more grounded compared to most of Marvel’s other live-action movie adaptations. But the fact that Anya Taylor-Joy’s Illyana Rasputin is set to seemingly wield the full scale of her mystical abilities in the film introduced the compelling possibility that New Mutants might be a bit wilder than anyone expected.


It would have been easy enough for New Mutants to just give Magik her classic teleporting “stepping discs” and call it a day. But in the movie’s latest ad spot, as the teens are all running away from the Demon Bear in absolute terror because it’s a massive bear made of dark spiritual energy, Illyana reminds her allies that while she may be a mutant, she’s also magical in nature—as evidenced by the glowing portal that she jumps through while wielding her massive Soulsword.

The ad also features a number of new shots of the other young mutants manifesting their own powers, but the most fascinating thing it establishes is that at some point in the movie, New Mutants might end up following Illyana to Limbo, the hell dimension that her magic emanates from.

New Mutants hits theaters April 3.

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