NECA's recently revealed gigantic Big Chap toy already looked amazing, but new pictures of the prototype figure have been released, showing off even more articulation — and even a potential Aliens version of everyone's favourite Xenomorph.


As you can see, the 22" tall figure now has come on a big since the initial prototype, showing off the translucent skull previously absent (same for the previously missing tail), as well as a host of extra articulation that means you can pose it a bunch of stances.

But it looks like the Big Chap isn't the only Alien getting the fancy deluxe treatment, it seems, judging by this extra test shot released:


Different hands, different head, different feet... it certainly looks like the Aliens Warrior, rather than the Big Chap design. Is it a separate figure? Swap-in parts included with the Big Chap? Either way, this is turning out to be an amazing (and potentially expensive) time for Alien toy fans.

The deluxe Big Chap is due for release in June, for an as yet undisclosed price.

[via Toyark]

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