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Monday is upon us once again ... but thanks to The Wild Life, a new podcast hosted by io9 Animals Editor Jason G. Goldman and sponsored by Earth Touch, the most dreaded day of the week is about to get a little more interesting!


On each episode of The Wild Life, I'll be sitting down with the most interesting people who work with, teach about, care for, and study animals. The in-depth conversations are wide-ranging, from the science of animal behavior and conservation biology to animal ethics, the wildlife in your own backyard, and more.

The first episode with guest Carly Brooke of The Featured Creature is online, and new episodes will be available every Monday. Expect casual conversations with scientists, conservationists, veterinarians, zoo keepers, wildlife rehabilitators, educators, writers, journalists, filmmakers, TV personalities, other podcasters, chefs, and more. Anyone whose work or interests have to do with animals or wildlife will be fair game.

Head on over to The Wild Life homepage for more info or listen and subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or directly through the RSS.

Want me to add the The Wild Life to another listening service? Have requests or recommendations for future guests? Let me know in the comments.


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