New Set Pictures of Captain Marvel Reveal a Surprising First Look at Brie Larson in Costume

Image: Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel #5 cover art by Kris Anka.
Image: Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel #5 cover art by Kris Anka.

Filming on the long-awaited Captain Marvel movie wasn’t expected to begin until March, but it seems like at least some production has kicked off early—which means we have our first, long-awaited look at Brie Larson in costume... with an odd twist.


Page Six has posted a slew of images of Larson on set and in costume as Carol Danvers (we’re not sure if it’s for her solo film, or Avengers 4, or perhaps even late-filming content for Infinity War) for the first time during filming in Atlanta today—and although it’s our first good look at Carol’s MCU costume (aside from the previous concept art shown at San Diego Comic-Con last year), it comes with a bit of a surprise:

Yes, that certainly looks like a take on Carol’s current comics costume—it’s just that the scarlet panels and gold accents have been replaced by silver and a turquoise-y green. That green is very much in line with the design of the Kree that Carol got her powers from though, and in particular, the first design of the original Captain Mar-Vell, who we know will be in the movie and played by Jude Law.

Given the concept art shows Carol’s traditional suit colors, could this be a “first trial” of her suit before she gets her iconic look in the movie? Marvel often changes up costumes for the cast in between films, after all. We’ll have to wait and see. We’ve contacted Disney to for additional information on these images and will update if we hear back.

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The green is for CGI to give her some sort of cool glowing and flowing accents to her costume? Right?

With what looks like a late 70's Lincoln and that newspaper, is she back in time?