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New Tweak Makes Your Jailbroken iPhone's App Icons Look 3D

Ah, the endless ingenuity of the jailbreak community. Apocolipse's forthcoming 3DBoard uses the iPhone 4's sensors to lend the app icons a 3D effect when the phone is tilted. Hey, that's one dimension cooler than your home screen.


The tweak will be available in the Cydia app store soon for $4. [YouTube]

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That does look cool... I though they'd tilt or something over-the-top. But this was subtle enough that it looks really realistic. Someone did a tremendous job on that.

Still, I don't get why you have to jailbreak your iPhone for this.

Or pay $4 for this.

On other platforms (coughAndroidcough) you can download whatever launcher you want [for free] and then download whatever theme you want for it [for free]. Right from the Android market - natively supported, and you get desktops and widgets. No voiding of warranty or any such nonsense.