New Year's Eve Brings Romance and Time Travel to Regular Show

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We're smack dab in the middle of holiday weekends in North America, but some of our favorite cartoons are poking their heads out of the snow to break the holiday hiatus. Regular Show returns with a New Year's special, while My Little Pony tackles an invasion of vampire bats.


As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Regular Show - "New Year's Kiss"

Time traveling isn't just for killing the unborn figureheads of cyborg-killing rebel groups, it also works for preventing awkward New Year's Eve hookups.

After Rigby is visited by a time-traveling version of himself from the near future, our favorite bipedal raccoon spends most of the episode trying to stop Mordecai from kissing a girl on New Year's Eve.

This raises a big question - who is this mystery woman? Find out by tuning in to Cartoon Network on New Year's Eve.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - "Bats"

Vampire Fruitbats invade Ponyville on Apple Buckling Day, but Applejack is prepared to the point of Doomsday Preppers readiness. Fluttershy steps in with a non-violent solution a truce that will help both sides, creating more conflict than she bargained for in the process.


Top image courtesy of Cartoon Network.




I can't wait until TMNT comes back, though we still have over a month... And I still wish I knew when we were getting Flaming Carrot, like I'd heard about. Too bad I forgot about that when Bob Burden answered one of my questions at the NC Comiccon Q&A. :P

I really need to use this off time to catch up on shows I'm behind on, but I probably won't. I'm also behind on movie plans.