New Zealand's Amazing Trails Are Now on Google Street View

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As the nights draw in, your plans for adventure are probably headed in the direction of a new show on Netflix rather than a hike through the wild. But if you want to see something rugged, Google has now added a series of amazing New Zealand trails to Street view.


If there’s one thing New Zealand isn’t short of, it’s... well, it’s actually sheep. But second on the list has to be gloriously rugged outdoor terrain: beautiful mountains, stunning fiords, plunging waterfalls, breathtaking panoramas. No wonder that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was short there.

When I was in the country a few years ago, I was lucky enough to see Milford Sound and part of the Routeburn Track. It felt like Scotland on steroids, at least to this humble Brit.

While seeing the scenes on Street View isn’t quite as good as the real thing, it’s still great fun to explore the views, and think about the adventures that are yet to come. Go take a look.

[Google Street View via Google Maps via Engadget]


Coronal Shadow

“It felt like Scotland on steroids”


To build a New Zealand, you take all the best bits of geography from all around the world, and cram them into 3 islands. Apparently, NZ contains all types of terrain (from a geological point of view) except permafrost and sandy desert.