Next iPhone Getting a Totally New Case Design This August?

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Apple's next iPhone will undoubtedly go harder and faster than the 4—but will it look completely different too? BGR says yes, citing "anonymous sources" who claim a "radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone." Radical sounds radical.


Keep all the usual caveats about anonymous sources in mind, of course, and note that BGR's covert mouth doesn't have anything to say about the hardware beyond "it's gonna be really different," essentially. This jibes with earlier rumors that the new iPhone will have an edge-to-edge, curved screen—but is that enough to be called a "radical" new look? At any rate, their alleged leaker also says the radical successor "may" be announced and released in August. May is among the most weasel of all weasel words, so again, let's wait and see. [BGR]


Here's a radical thought: an iPhone with no 30-pin connector. With the release of iOS5, pretty much the only reason you need to plug anything into your phone is to charge it. A simple inductive backing built into the casing would remove that need, and as fond as Jobsey is of simplicity, why not just get rid of it all together (or more likely, leave it there but seal it up to prevent anyone but Apple Employees from accessing it).