Next Up For the Spider-Man Movieverse: Black Cat and Silver Sable

Silver Sable will co-lead a new movie with Black Cat. Image: Marvel Comics
Silver Sable will co-lead a new movie with Black Cat. Image: Marvel Comics

This summer, a new Spider-Man makes his film debut. Next fall, a film focusing on his frequent opponent Venom should be hitting theaters. And now, a third film based in the Spider-Man universe is in the works, this one starring both Black Cat and Silver Sable.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Chris Yost, who wrote and created X-23, wrote Thor: The Dark World, and did a huge number of Marvel animated series episodes, is working on the latest draft of a script for the film. A first draft was written by Lisa Joy, one of the creators of HBO’s Westworld.

How this film (and Venom for that matter) will connect with Spider-Man seems to be something that’s still up in the air. The current Spider-Man, of course, is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over at Disney, but Venom as well as Black Cat and Silver Sable are being developed by Sony. Whether or not these characters would be in the same world as The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy has not yet been revealed.

They really don’t have to, though. They don’t even really need Spider-Man. On their own, each character has plenty of backstory and intrigue to make a movie just as satisfying and entertaining as anything that connects to other comic book movies.

But it is a bit of a jab that Sony’s third movie is not just a female-driven superhero movie, but one with two leads. Marvel Studios is currently developing Captain Marvel, but it will be much further down the line, and the long-discussed Black Widow movie is still non-existent.

According to the report, Sony is hoping to take the script to directors soon and maybe even start shooting by the fall of this year.

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sooooo... not that they’ll get away with Black Cat being all sexy and tons and cleavage and whatnot, but are they going to ditch the Felicia and Peter dating/the same (approx) age thing, or have an entirely different character, or no connection to spider-man at all? because it could be a bit creepy with peter being like 15 depending on how they play things.