Nexus 6 Will Cost $250 On AT&T

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Nexus 6 pre-orders on AT&T will open tomorrow November 12th. It'll cost $250 on-carrier. So much for that $50 rumor.

The Nexus 6 is shaping up to be one of the best smartphones in the world, but until now, one of its most striking features has been its price. Specifically, that it's actually a pricey phone like any other. In the past, you could get a standard Nexus 5 unlocked and off contract for just $350. That's a steal. Especially compared to the Nexus 6's $650 off-contract price.


Indeed, the news about AT&T pricing isn't remotely surprising. Except that we're so used to Nexus phones being cheap from the start. [AT&T]