Here's are more photos of the Amp+, one of those Nike iPod watches we saw leaked early this year. Recently appearing on the FCC website, the Amp+ gives you normal iPod nano controls along with a scrolling LED that displays information on your Nike+iPod running status.

The design of the unit is slick and clean; constructed of a single, tapering strip of flexible rubber it has a watch-like clasp on the underside. On the wrist, it appears more as a bracelet than a watch, mostly black with a hint of red creeping up around the edges. The buttons are well-integrated and virtually disappear into the surface of the unit. The only bit that stands out from the flat black finish is the silver Nike swoosh above the LED's which, to Nike's credit, is pretty unobtrusive.


All we need now is an iPod nano, the Nike+iPod kit, some running shoes, and the desire to work out. [Joshspear]


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