Nike+ GPS App Now Allows Everyone To Run, No Sensor Required

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The fantastic Nike+ App let you track how far, how fast and at what speed you're running with only a sensor in your Nike-branded shoe and a compatible iPod or iPhone. Now you don't need the sensor or the shoe.


The $1.99 app, which just got posted to iTunes, uses GPS to track where you run—something the old version was lacking—but still includes the community features that made running not quite such a lonely affair. Now you can use the iPod touch 2nd through 4th gen, and the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with the Nike+ app. Only the iPhone works with GPS functionality unless you have something like Magellan's iPod touch case, which adds GPS ability (along with a lot of weight).


As a fan of the original Nike+ concept, I'm happy that this lets more people running in order to make it more likely that I have someone to challenge to a race. [iTunes]

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Does Nike have an exclusivity deal with Apple regarding their Nike+ stuff?

Cause I would really love to have this program for my Android phone.