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Nike+ SportBand Coming Next Week

Illustration for article titled Nike+ SportBand Coming Next Week

We found this official teaser for the Nike+ SportBand on the Nike site, leading us to believe (you know, if Nike isn't lying) that the kit is coming next week. It's great for people who don't really need iPods when running but still want the ability to track and display your progress. However, that means Nike could be leaning away from the iPod integration and getting more money in their own pockets instead of sharing with Apple. [Shiny Shiny]


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You know, all conspiracy theories aside, this COULD just be a way for Nike to go after a segment of the market that is more into getting feedback on their running than actually listening to music while they do it.

Nah, that's too boring of an answer. They must be trying to take Apple DOWN!!!! Blog at 11.