For those who don't need a whole keyboard full of OLED buttons, Nikkai is showing off standalone units at CEATEC. The buttons are bulkier than anything on an Art Lebedev product, and seem to have three input states: depressed, tilted left and tilted right (or up and down, depending on orientation) which makes makes for what amounts to a highly versatile and communicative switch. A second type of button is a simpler in/out configuration, albeit with a larger screen. I'm sure there's a highly practical application for such technology, but for the demonstration Nikkai just built them into a giant, OLED-infested control panel that looks to have been ripped from the basement of the Kremlin, circa 1985. Despite being too big to integrate into a traditional keyboard, the buttons will likely shine in the hands of DIYers if they're ever made available to consumers. [Akihabara]


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