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Nintendo Claims Wii Owners Don't Need Netflix HD, Nor A New Console

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh, Reggie. You used to be such a gaming icon, hell, I even bought your Wii nunchuck t-shirt. But how can you judge your fanbase so incorrectly, saying Wii owners don't care about Netflix HD?

True, the Wii isn't HD at 480p, so anyone serious about streaming Netflix video in HD probably owns a


PS3 or Xbox 360, but Fils-Aime's remarks in an interview with NBC show he's clearly out of touch with the industry. It's not like people buy consoles these days just to wave their arms in the air pretending they're Muhammad Ali—these machines are multimedia hubs capable of doing so much more than gaming now.


Fils-Aime's full quote on the matter:

"the vast majority of content for streaming on Netflix is not HD content, so there really is no loss for the Wii consumer with the fact they can't get any HD content through our system".

We've been hearing a lot of talk about a Wii HD (some say it'll even contain a Blu-ray drive), but Fils-Aime took the opportunity to deny (again) that it's on its way. He claimed Nintendo will only release a new console when everyone's bought a Wii—over 26 million have been sold reportedly—so we've got to wait until the market is "tapped out" until we see anything new.


Fils-Aime predicts that won't happen for "years." So, despite the Wii being on sale since 2006, don't count on Nintendo actually pleasing gamers—they're too busy after your Mom's money. [CNBC via Kotaku]