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Nintendo, on Competition (Note to Self: Remember This In Five Years)

Illustration for article titled Nintendo, on Competition (Note to Self: Remember This In Five Years)

The Wall Street Observer: "Microsoft is working on controller-free gaming technology and Sony is developing a motion controller...Are you worried?" Nintendo's Reggie: "We do not fear any competitor." Me: Well, that settles that. [WSJ]


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Sorry, Ninty, but the issue is that your consoles are just getting plain retarded and your choice of gaming titles is also quite lame, save all of one or two titles, the rest are all shit shovelware for $19.95 or $9.95 on Walmart shelves.

FOUR different models of DS. DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL or whatever the hell it is. You've added two cameras. Big frickin' whoop. I haven't seen much in terms of DSi-only games for the device that let you use that camera save for the little shovelware shop titles you can get on the device.

The Wii is shovelware central - both the Wii Shop and these random titles you'll see almost everywhere being hawked at you.

And the accessories for the remote - what the hell was Nintendo thinking? For one new controller ($40), I now need a Motion+ ($20), nunchuck ($20) - that's $80 at the start, unless I want to add on a classic controller ($20), and a balance board (another $100). Christ - can't you add some of this crap from the start or make it cheaper?

This is why gaming sucks at Nintendo - your devkits are all of $2,000 and the quality of games sucks.

Yet Sony's PS3 devkit was upwards of $8-9000 and games coming out were actually awesome - it shows when your hardware is more expensive and shows prestige that the better quality to be expected than a bunch of cheap crappy white plastic.