Nintendo Planning 'DSi Enhanced' Games

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While the DSi plays the same games/cards as the DS, Nintendo, somewhat predictably, has announced plans to release "DSi Enhanced" games.


These games would still be cross-compatible, playable on both the DS and DSi. But these games would take advantage of a few special DSi functions not available to DS players. One example given was the ability to take a picture on the DSi and map it as a texture into the game (face mapping comes to mind.)

Sounds fine to us, though only time will tell whether or not DSi "Enhanced" ever becomes DSi "Required." [Kotaku]


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Scantron Crothers

There's already DSi-only content, like WarioWare: Snapped. Sure, it's DSiWare (downloadable), but still. Given repeated 'software-sells-hardware' (duh) statements from Nintendo, it's ridiculous to imagine there won't be a strong DSi-only game base. They have new hardware to sell.

I'm still not going to upgrade from my DSlite, though.