Nixon Lodown For the Global Surfer: 200 Beaches, Good For 15 Years

The Nixon Lodown has 15 years worth of preprogrammed tidal info for 200 beaches all the world over. Right at your wrist you can monitor the height of the waves, and don't be afraid to jump right in when the surf looks good—the Lodown has a water resistance rating of 100m. The Lodown's simple presentation of data with its gray-on-black blocks makes it look pretty stylish, but is it $90 worth of stylish?

Any information that doesn't update is susceptible to being regularly faulty, but if you visit a lot of beaches, this might be a neat watch to have. Of course, the Lodown also has the usual frills: A light for the nighttime, an alarm and timer, and the date, Also, you get some colors to choose from, either black, silver, and an off white and blue.


Product page [Nixon via Technabob]

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