No More Hardware Players from Slacker

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Slacker's G2 player was pretty cool, but hardware from an online music service always seemed odd—especially when Slacker and Pandora apps are available for BlackBerries and the iPhone. So I'm not surprised that they're exiting the hardware biz.


Note: While the BlackBerry version supports station caching, the iPhone app doesn't.

Slacker told the Wall Street Journal that the G2 will be phased out in the second half of next year, saying "it no longer fit with the company's long-term strategy."

The $4 bucks a month subscription based streaming service, and access from hardware like the Logitech Squeezebox and Bravia TVs isn't going anywhere, though. In fact, it looks like that's where Slacker will refocus its efforts. [Wall Street Journal via Electronista]



It seemed like day one that these were just a useless device made only to make money. With apps on Blackberry and iPhone, who really needs this? The industry is going closer to one-device integration, and this is the exact opposite of it. #slackerexitshardwarebusiness