Nokia Taunts Apple with New "Open to Anything" N95 Campaign

Illustration for article titled Nokia Taunts Apple with New Open to Anything N95 Campaign

It looks like Nokia is firing cannons against the Apple armada: their latest campaign—spotted in New York last Saturday—argues that their phones are better because they are not closed devices and they are open to any third-party development.

We don't know for sure if this shot aims at Apple's lack of support for third-party iPhone apps but given Apple's current stance on third-party apps, it looks like it may be the case.


Nokia seems to believe that third-party software development for their Nseries is not only harmless, but could make their devices better. And even while Jobs pointed out that there may be third-party apps in the future, the fact is that right now this is not happening yet. Until then, we will have to agree with Nokia on this one. [MacRumors]

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I don't think its a poster or sign. I think its one of those covers you put up in front of a store that is currently being built or under renovation. Imagine walking by a store on the street or in a mall and you see "This store coming soon." Still, I love Nokia and think they make the absolute best phones. I made the mistake once of buying a Motorola .. never again, never again.