Nokia's N-Series Will Ditch Symbian for Maemo by 2012

Illustration for article titled Nokias N-Series Will Ditch Symbian for Maemo by 2012

At an official N900 meet-up in London last night, the Maemo marketing team appears to have let slip that Nokia will use the Linux-based OS instead of S60 on all its future flagship N-Series handsets. About time, no?


The S60 5th edition OS (as used on the N97 and N97 mini) might be mature, but it's pretty damn woeful. Maemo 5 (used by the N900) definitely has a better user experience, and though it's not perfect either, it's definitely headed in the right direction. Speaking of which, Nokia's next OS, Maemo 6, could look like this. [The Reality Mobile Project]

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too late... android will take and hold a lot of the nokia customers, who neither like Windows or apple.