Noveon Zaps Toe Fungus With Light, But Annoying Lamisil Commercials Remain

Using a first-of-its-kind direct optical energy device called Noveon, one Waltham company is hoping to stamp out toenail fungus once and for all using nothing but light. The device "utilizes two discrete near-infrared wavelengths at low power" and produces no heat, according to a rep from the manufacturer, Nomir Medical Technologies. The approach could eliminate the need for expensive meds like Lamisil or Fulvicin, which work, but can cause upset stomach and liver damage. Clinical trials are set to begin soon, and the Noveon could be zapping foot fungus—and periodontal disease (think morning breath, but forever!)—very soon.


The Noveon cooks onychomycosis (toenail fungus) using two near-infrared wavelengths, but leaves healthy tissue untouched, as seen in this diagram. [Medgadget]

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