Now Available: Galaxy S4 Zoom, Lumia 1520, Nook GlowLight, More

Why be normal? That's the question seemingly posed by this week's latest offerings. We've got two phones that buck size trends, an e-reader that flouts normal dimensions, and a phone speaker dock thing that just ... well, you'll see.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


This smartphone-with-a-camera-on-its-back hits AT&T today for $200 on contract. It's packing a 16MP camera and a 4.3 inch screen. When we played around with it, we found it on the slightly bulky side (remember when phones weren't flat little monoliths?), but blessed with some nice photo features like a tripod mount, microSD slot and quickstart camera mode. [​AT&T]

Nokia Lumia 1520 (preorder)

Nokia's Gorilla Glass 2-shod six-incher is an AT&T exclusive, up for preorder with a promised delivery date of November 22nd. For $200 on-contract, you'll get the latest Windows Phone build in a package ever-so-slightly lighter than the HTC One Max, though the high-gloss plastic cladding felt a tad, uh, cheapish in our hands. [Microsoft Store]

Nook GlowLight


Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite, Barnes and Noble's newest front-lit e-ink reader is lighter, brighter, sharper, and has twice the memory (two thousand books' worth!). It's also the same price as Paperwhite ($120), but without Kindle's pay-us-to-keep-ads-off-your-lock-screen scheme. That rubber coping around the edges means you won't fear accidentally dropping it, but it also makes the GlowLight feel kind of like a toy, and the thing is just a smidge too big to comfortably fit in your pocket. [Barnes & Noble]

Completely Bonkers $8,000 HTC One Speaker Dock


Got an HTC One, want a speaker dock, need to get rid of eight stacks in a hurry? The phone maker's Here's To Creativity initiative has you covered, with the sculptural, zero-moving-parts Gramohorn II you see here. 3D printed from stainless steel powder (a plebeian plaster model costs just $1,600), it amplifies sound the way old-fashioned phonographs did, by focusing the sound through a horn. Unlike other docks, it'll work when the power goes out — but don't expect it to charge your phone. [Gramohorn II]

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