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With all the gadgets that we report on every day, it's hard to keep track of which ones are shipping or when they'll be available. We've put together a list of gadgets, some we've reported on and some we haven't, that are shipping out today.


• The LH90 Series LCDs (the first with THX certification) are now available for your consumption. The TVs feature a 240 Hz LED backlit LCD capable of a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with local dimming. The TVs are Energy Star 3.0 rated with an Intelligent Sensor that detects ambient lighting conditions and changes the color and brightness to maximize efficiency.

• The Navigon MobileNavigator Application finally brings decent GPS turn-by-turn directions to the iPhone for a one time charge of $70 and without the monthly fee.

• The Samsung Comeback will make its debut today, the phone comes in a clamshell design with twin displays connected by a hinge that opens up to expose a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone goes for $129 with a 2 year contract from T-Mobile.

• In addition to the Comeback, Samsung is also releasing the t349 for T-Mobile. The t349 is a bar-style phone with a 20 key partial QWERTY keypad and will be available for $14.99 with a 2 year contract.


• The Olive Opus N4 and Melody N2 Music Players are ready be snapped up (if you're obscenely rich and lack and common sense). The N4 tops out at $1799 and the Melody extender will set you back a cool $599—but they come with a touch interface so it's all worth it.



hey Don, will you add the list of THX certified DVDs and blu-rays that have the screen calibration feature?