NOW Watch is Always Right

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Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but this watch is even more accurate: It's always right, because when someone asks you what time it is, just show them its face prominently displaying the word "NOW." But wait a minute, this is a fake watch. Damn. But you can't argue with its correctitude. For your humorless friends, just tell them it's a special precision timepiece supporting the National Organization for Women.


Addy, our British Gizmodian wordsmith/babe, says it stands for Nobs Out, Wankers. Either way, it's on sale for $49.95. Seems like a lot to pay just to lampoon your clock-watching friends. [Elevate Films, via This Next]


omg! i think i have the watch they used to make the fakes! it was in some random bin at a fossil store, not made by fossil, and no logo on it. but it looks like that... ya know, i just got a new watch, so its guttin time!