Now You Don't Even Have to Boil Water to Make Perfect Pasta

Even those completely unskilled in the kitchen can manage to successfully boil a pot of water and make pasta. But Barilla doesn't want to stop there, it wants even those who can barely differentiate between a stove and a fridge to be able to make spaghetti, and so has created a new line of pastas called Pronto that don't even require you to boil water.


It looks exactly like the regular dry pasta you usually buy in a box, but to prepare it all you need to do is throw it in a pot or pan, add three cups of water, and then put it on a hot stove. With a little stirring in about ten minutes you'll have a perfect batch of al dente pasta without having to wait for water to boil, or having to drain it when it's done cooking. The pasta absorbs all the water so that once it's cooked you can immediately add your sauce and then serve.

Available in spaghetti, penne, elbows, linguine, and rotini varieties, the Barilla Pronto pasta doesn't cost much more than regular dry pasta. Which is amazing because clearly there is some kind of brilliant space-age engineering going on in Barilla's R&D labs to create such a product that helps us hapless chefs avoid over-cooking our noodles ever again. [Barilla via Technabob]

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Haven't bought anything from Barilla since their CEO revealed what an anti-LGBT bigot he was a few years ago.

Barilla: the Chick-fil-A of pasta...