NTT RedTacton Device Turns Your Body Into Swipe Card

Japanese telecom company NTT is soon to launch a product that transmits data via your body, effectively turning you into a touch-technology swipe card. RedTacton is a card-like gadget that you simply carry anywhere on your person, and it transmits data via electric fields&mdash a world's first according to NTT.

The data is passed on to other devices as you touch them, even with your clothes or shoes. So you can open an office door keylessly, unlock and start your car, or any of a million other applications currently using swipe-card entry.


It's clearly more convenient than having to fish out a conventional card, and more secure than a wireless device whose signal could be snooped on. NTT even foresees medical applications in the future, since the system could easily and discretely transmit health-sensor data to doctors and nurses as they touch you during exams.

No prices are announced yet, but it will be "a bit pricier" than existing systems. [Sydney Morning Herald]

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