NuVision 52LEDLP vs. Samsung HL-S5679W: A Pitched Battle Between Big High Def LED-Backlit TVs

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The Nuvision 52LEDLP is the latest set from the relatively new, high end TV maker. While the rest of their lineup is comprised of LCDs, this is their first rear projection DLP, which they plan to announce formally at CEDIA in a few weeks. The set's screen is 52-inches diagonally, with a native resolution of 1080p—that's 1920 by 1080 pixels, and what we love to see from a TV of this size. What's remarkable is that its backlighting isn't done with the usual bulb and colorwheel. No, instead, it uses a red, green, and blue LED as a lightsource, which has the great advantages of eliminating the rainbow effect a traditional setup, along with a claimed 140% of HDTV's color palette. (Most LCDS only reach the 90th percentile.) The other thing that's crazy is just how similar this TV is to the Samsung HL-S5679W, which comes out the same time. We smell a fight!

Which of the two LED-backlit DLP rear projection TVs is better? Stat analysis after the jump!


The Samsung is bigger at 56-inches, vs the 52-inches on the NuVision. But the Nuvision claims to be a bit better in terms of brightness and contrast, as they claim over 400 cd/m2 and better than 5000:1 contrast ratios, vs the same numbers flat from Samsung. And from I've heard, the Nuvision's ability to reproduce 140% of the HD color spectrum beats the Samsung's rating which is somewhere around 110%, according to an interview I did a few weeks ago. Then again, they're both powered by the same Phlatlight LED lighting system. So maybe we've got a stalemate. The NuVision also has the ability to do HD Picture in Picture, which is fairly rare, while we have no idea if the Samsung pulls that trick off. One last bit: The samsung's cheaper by 200 bucks, though. $4200 vs the NuVision's $4400.

Of course, they're both going to be gorgeous sets. And these stats are just stats. We'll wait til the home theater geeks get their hands on both for a side by side showdown this fall. We can't wait. And if you know something we don't let us know. We'll pay you. In undying appreciation.

NuVision 52LEDLP [Nuvision via Uncrate]
Samsung HL-S5679W [Internal]

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