With the glut of off-brand HDTVs from Vizio, Insignia, Dynex, and more flooding the market, HDGuru did a little legwork and found the real price of these sets lies in their often inadequate extended service.

The major brands, like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic, may have higher prices, but they back it up with service, especially in warranty and repair. After all, they've got the integrity of their name to protect. But the lesser-known brands (often just rebadged, unidentifiable Chinese models) often have repair options to match their low prices. Almost all of these brands researched require the customer to ship the HDTV out, which usually costs a few hundred dollars. If any warranty is included, it's invariably meager (90 days), but many simply have no option for repair.


Considering a certain flammable Insignia set, extended warranties seem more pressing now than ever. Maybe spending a few more bucks now isn't such a bad idea. [HDGuru]

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