Office Depot's Laptop Glue Fix Fails in Predictably Epic Fashion

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What's the best way to fix a broken-off power port on an Acer Extensa? If you said "glue the sucker back in there," you might just work in Office Depot's repair department. You're also, in that so-painfully-obvious-it-hurts-my-face way, real wrong.


When Consumerist reader Scott sent his under-warranty laptop into Office Depot for a repair, he noticed that they'd used glue to fix his power port problem. Okay, that's bad enough, since the glue melted to the power port and caused a serious burn hazard. But when Scott sent his Acer back in for round two, well:

"I detailed the issue to the Office Depot Warranty operator, and he
specifically wrote "Problem: AC port loose. glue melted from last fix.
AC adapter gets extremely hot" on the work order. I again sent the
laptop off hoping the problem would be fixed. My hopes were too high.
Turns out, glue the power port so it is usable is a masterful fix when
compared to the attached photo. As you can see... again the service
people glued the power port back into "place." Though this time it is
glued in off center, and can not be plugged in. Obviously whoever
office depot sends their laptops off to for service does not even
check to see if their "fixes" are functional. An added bonus is that
my expansion slot cover is now missing. So not only do I receive a
broken laptop, it also has a part stolen."

So, in brief: don't try to fix your laptop with glue, definitely don't try to fix it with glue twice, and definitely definitely don't trust Office Depot with your valuables. [Consumerist]


Better Days

My Acer laptop was also missing an extension port cover when it came back from service... by Acer themselves !

Conclusion : don't buy Acer.

Garbage in, garbage out.