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What Madness Does Marvel Have In Store For Squirrel Girl?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's the deal: Marvel has just registered a trademark on the ridiculous, fan-favorite superheroine Squirrel Girl. As Bleeding Cool rightly points out, Marvel usually only bothers to do officially register a character when a movie, TV show, videogame or cartoon featuring said character is on the way. So what the hell is up?

Squirrel Girl has two superpowers: 1) the ability to control squirrels, and 2) the ability to beat anybody in the Marvel universe. This is not an exaggeration; she's beaten Dr. Doom, Thanos, MODOK and more all by herself (well, herself and her squirrels). All in official Marvel continuity. Her most recent high-profile gig in the comics was as Jessica Jones' babysitter; with a Jessica Jones series being one of the four Marvel shows Netflix is working on, it's entirely possible that's where she's headed.


On the other hand... she's Squirrel Girl. She can do anything. It wouldn't surprise in the slightest for her to get her own Disney XD cartoon, maybe a live-action kids show... hell, maybe even a movie. Oh, you laugh, but she defeated Thanos with squirrels. You watch you mouth or this is exactly how Avengers 3 is going to end.