You could use measuring tape to steal a can of soda from a vending machine but if you're a genius, why not just invent a freaking robot to do the dirty work for you? This guy did just that. He inserts his robot inside the vending machine and controls it to grab as many sodas as possible. Awesome.


French YouTube user ioduremetallique proves that when you know your way around robotics, puny human rules just don't apply to you. Basically, the robot has a levitating arm that can grab a can of soda and drop it down the vending machine for free. It's controlled by a gamepad and though it isn't exactly practical, well, genius solves everyday problems in different ways.

The action starts at around the 1:20 mark of the video (which is sadly all in French). When you see it work, you'll wonder why people need to spend a dollar on that carbonated sugar water again. [ioduremetallique via Motherboard]