OK Go's Muppet Theme Song Music Video Re-Creates All of Their Famous Music Videos...with Muppets

OK Go, the music video extraordinaires, has just released a brand new video of their rendition of the Muppet Show Theme Song. Sticking to their talents, it's a clever look back at a lot of OK Go's visual masterpieces and a ton of muppet humor.


I mean, you can't really lose with that combination, can you? I've watched the video 6 times already. "OK Go and the muppets? Sounds pretty exciting. Hmm. Let's watch cat videos". Few know the internet quite like OK Go. You can grab the song, along with other Muppets-related music, on The Muppets: Green Album. As for watching the Muppets movie, which this song is obviously promoting, we'll have to wait until November 23rd. I'll keep this video on repeat until then. [@OKGO]


Denver is too damn high

Sorry but everyone has different tastes. I just see f'ing Hipsters ruining my childhood