Old iPhone 3G 16GB Marked Down to $149 at AT&T, Supplies May Be Limited

Illustration for article titled Old iPhone 3G 16GB Marked Down to $149 at ATT, Supplies May Be Limited

Filling in the awkward gap between the newly discounted iPhone 3G 8GB, at $99, and the $199, 16GB 3GS is an appropriately (and newly) awkward handset: the old 16GB 3G model, priced at $149.


Apple didn't say a thing about this today at WWDC, nor is it on their site. Apple keeping two 16GB products in their iPhone line seems unlikely, so this deal—spotted on AT&T's website—could just last until existing stock is cleared. Well, good luck with that. [BGR]


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meh... my Omnia-$99, a 16g micro-sd card $35= 24g for video, music (anything I own or want to buy), self shot pictures or video from a 5mp built-in camera, 3 browsers (Ex, Opera, and Skyfire for any flash based stuff like Hulu or Youtube) built in FM radio for free, and should I want any iTunes stuff there is Doubletwist.

Sadly, I can't toss money into that cool Cylon scanner app from Apple, but I'll live, happy in the knowledge that I can do more than an iPhone, quicker and cheaper and less smug.