On Sale Later This Year, Luna the Robot Can Walk Dogs and Do Other *Wink* Things

Human-sized with soft curves and silky skin, Luna the robot runs on Linux and even has her very own app store. With a touchscreen and cameras and microphones, she can react and respond, and take commands over Wi-Fi if needed.

I'm hoping that means she can be told to switch the oven on for when you get home from work, amongst "others" things.


Judging by the (out of focus) video below, the inventor Fred Nikgohar has put her to work around the house, something we'll be able to see more of when the 'bots go on sale later this year.

The creators, Schultze, claim that Luna "is the world's first personal robot integrating three unique feature sets : Luna is (1) completely expandable via expansion ports, (2) fully programmable with open standards and, above all, (3) affordable." I'm not sure how affordable they're talking, but if you weigh her up against a 50-year marriage, it's probably negligible. [RoboDynamics and Schultze via CrunchGear]

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