One Good Reason Some Of SF's Best Books Don't Become Movies

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Dying to see a movie version of Ursula K. LeGuin's classic novel The Dispossessed? Or Rocannon's World? Don't hold your breath. In the wake of the Sci Fi Channel's horrendous miniseries of her Wizard Of Earthsea, LeGuin tells Locus she'll never sell one of her books to Hollywood again. Says LeGuin:

Bit once, OK; bit twice, you're stupid. I think a couple of my books would make very good movies, but you've got to have somebody who really believes in you, really believes this book would make a good movie, not, 'I'm going to buy this book so we can use her name, and then I'll make the movie I want to make.' However, I got wonderful letters of condolence for months after the Sci Fi Channel's version of A Wizard of Earthsea. People were so sweet, so mad! I do have wonderful readers. They write the nicest damn letters.




Final: God Fearing Robot

God F*cking Damn SciFi channel! The entire reason Studio Ghibli can't release Tales from Earthsea is because their crap mini-series has the right to her materials till next year and that's the earliest the anime can be released.

Did she have an issue with the way A&E (or was it Bravo) did Lathe of Heaven?