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One Weld Down, Six to Go for the Orion Spacecraft

Illustration for article titled One Weld Down, Six to Go for the Orion Spacecraft

This is the first of just seven main welds necessary to create the Orion spacecraft. The weld holds together the forward bulkhead and the tunnel astronauts will use to enter or exit the capsule. This spacecraft will be used for the second uncrewed test.


Image credit: NASA

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Sitting here at the laptop, seeing a 1960’s improved version of a capsule being produced and wondering why a 1950’s Taurus (doughnut) shaped habit isn’t already in orbit around our planet. Yeah our technology has improved by leaps and bounds, but yet our space program is falling back into the sixties to produce capsules instead of modules that will return from orbit and be reusable. Really? In 60 years, we haven’t improved one iota other than electronics?....sigh.... smh..... I think our “great” nation needs to realign its goals, in one single instant our humanity can be gone. And why? you answer that question, I won't, science people... we have the tech... and the ability to make the materials, do not let politics get in the way.