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Oppo Blast PMP Loves FLV

Illustration for article titled Oppo Blast PMP Loves FLV

The Oppo Blast is one sexy PMP. At only 6.9mm thick, its waistline is identical to an iPod nano's. But the Blast has a few tricks up its sleeve...


On top of standard MP3/WMA/MP4/AVI/Lossless audio support, the Blast will play flash video, XVID and animated gifs—yes, animated gifs—the best of Web 2.0 in your hand! The 2.4" display looks to be a true widescreen, which would put it in line with other Oppo PMP products. Storage is through MicroSD, and the whole package is vaguely reminiscent of a Zune if it were way, way cooler. [imp3 via pmptoday]

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Coated in plastic though? Once you get to that thickness, metal almost becomes a necessity for durability.

In any case, i promised myself my next mp3 player would be smaller than my Zen Vision: M and also have web browsing capabilities.