Optical Illusions Magically Appear When You Fill These Soy Sauce Dishes

Tokyo-based designer Duncan Shotton takes advantage of soy sauce’s varying opaqueness to create a pair of unique sushi dishes that reveal three-dimensional optical illusions once they’re filled.


As with the designer’s previous products, Shotton has created a Kickstarter campaign, with a modest funding goal of just over $6,600 (which has already been pledged) to sell his creation.

The ceramic dishes, featuring designs inspired by artists like Oscar Reutersvärd and M.C. Escher, are only being produced in a limited run of 77 pieces each. Despite the exclusivity, they can still be pre-ordered with a pledge of about $20 to Shotton’s campaign, with delivery expected sometime in October of this year.

[Kickstarter - Soy Shape via Spoon & Tamago]

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