Optimus Keyboard Gets Priced: $1564

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We already knew that we were going to be forking out about $1500 for the Optimus uber-keyboard, but now they've got a finalized number. $1564 (Shakespeare's birthday). Fantastic.

In other news, their updated development schedule has the plastic tooling done by July 10, OLED tooling done by July 16 (they have a new manufacturer), and a fully functional prototype done by early August. After all this is done, they have to go through the certification process by the FCC, but after that, you're free to plop down a grand and a half for this. Oh, and there's only going to be 200 units done by the end of November, another 200 by the end of December, and 400 by the end of January '08. Really crankin' them out, eh boys?

Optimus Maximus Development Schedule [Optimus Bog]

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Given their track record, do we actually believe that this product will be out this year — at any price? I would bet an icecream sandwich that it will still make the top ten vaporware list for 2007.