Orbicule Undercover, Mac Security++

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Meet Orbicule's Undercover, the king of all laptop security software. This little piece of software has the ability to trace the location of lost or stolen Macs. Undercover will check with a big server to see if the computer is on the missing/stolen list. If it is, then IP information and screenshots will be collected to determine the physical location of the Mac. If that plan fails, then a backup plan is initiated. Undercover will simulate a hardware failure on the laptop and then urge the user to send it in for repair. Once the thief dumps off the laptop, a message will alert the next person using it that the Mac was stolen and should be returned to its rightful owner, and that law enforcement should be contacted. The company even offers a money-back guarantee: if Undercover is unable to recover your Mac, Orbicule will refund you the whole $30 for the single-user license. Innovative software. Let's hope a Windows-supported version is coming soon.

Product Page [Orbicule]


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