Illustration for article titled OrbLive 2.0 iPhone App Keeps Your Devices File- and Embarrasment-Free

Today, the media streaming service Orb announced their official iPhone application, OrbLive 2.0, allowing you to stream your media files across multiple devices via 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi. The last incarnation of OrbLive was launched before the App Store was introduced; thus requiring a jailbroken iPhone. The official application allows for a more intuitive and streamlined experience instead of the traditional browser interface. It'll save you time from syncing all of those files that you claim don't exist buried in the dim recesses of your hard drive, giving you just a lil' more "special time." Eh, let's try not to forget special time doesn't mean it's "share-with-everyone-around-me" time, shall we? Not unless it involves physical interaction. [MarketWatch]


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