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Order Your Wife Around as Captain Kirk For $1000ish

Illustration for article titled Order Your Wife Around as Captain Kirk For $1000ish

Captain Kirk's original chair cost $304,750 when it was auctioned off back in 2002, but now you can own your own replica chair for only a bit over $1000. You won't get Shatner's actual butt imprint in your chair (nor his fart remnants and other juices), but you will save quite a bit of money and get a seat that's as close to the original as you can get without building one yourself. It's too bad this thing isn't Picard's chair, which is way more comfortable and also has cupholders and the leftover scent of Counselor Troi. And despite what Buchanan thinks, Star Trek rules, and is way cooler than Star Wars. Yeah, I said it. Who wants Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader's chair? You'd be afraid to catch a major case of whininess and teen angst, respectively. [Trek Movie via Retro Thing]


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I'm all for props like this getting made, but any self respecting Uber-Trek Geek, would go through the hard task of making one themselves. And you know that the only people who are gonna be buying this are either people who have cash to throw around or the Uber-Trek Geeks.

As far as Trek Furniture goes, this is one of the easiest to fabricate (even if you can't find the 1960's bench chair it was cannibalized from). I hope this "takes off" in some way that makes a TNG chair available, because THAT ONE i'd plunk down the cash for. Let me tell you, as an Uber-Trekker: That chair is a BITCH to make. The angles, the leather, the internal LED paneling with LCARS displays...*shudder* I get nightmares from that thing.