Our Apple TV Apps Wish List

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It didn't take long after the Apple TV jailbreak that we got our first app. But while I like weather as much as the next guy, these are the apps I really want to see on Apple's little black box.



I'm not saying that I want to browse the web from my TV all the time, especially not when you've got smartphone/iPad/laptop to choose from. But I do like options, as long as there's an easy input solution.


Our Apple TV Apps Wish ListThis is a tricky one, since Apple would presumably have to sell a camera peripheral to bring video chat to Apple TV. But FaceTime's already on iPhones and Macs-why not the television as well?


MLB at Bat

MLB at Bat is terrific. Seriously, it's great. And putting it on Apple TV would let you watch—if you spring for an MLB.tv subscription—every team, every game, all season.


NES Emulator

I guess you could just as easily say "Games!" but I'm going to indulge my Mario and Zeldalust and say that an NES emulator is the greatest game platform that could come to Apple TV. Bonus: simplistic controls that could be managed from your iPhone.



Or Last.fm or Rhapsody or Slacker or any streaming music service. They're already built into other TV app services, like VieraCast or Xbox Live. So why not make Apple TV a one-stop shop by baking in a sweet music app?



Another one where it's just nice to have the option. I don't tweet from my Xbox Live account, generally, but I can see how if I want to comment on a TV show it would be handy to do so on the same screen I'm watching it on.


VLC Player

This seems eminently reasonable, especially since Apple conceded VLC Media Player for iPad already. Considering all the things you can do with it on a tablet, think of what you can do with a VLC player streaming from Mac to TV.


Content Search

Say I want to watch an episode of 30 Rock. How about an app that not only tells me when it's on TV, but also where I can find it online: Hulu, streaming Netflix, network sites. That's my Apple TV app heaven, right there.