This week’s roundup includes some new apps, some extremely updated apps and few useful apps. Actually, this is a surprisingly creative bunch: There’s a new video app, an app that builds color palettes, and even a comic-book creator. And somehow, only one of them costs money.




You’ve met Instragram, but now you can meet its video app counterpart. Boomerang, which went live as a standalone app for Android and iOS last week. Videos created in the app are super short, lasting only one-second each. Boomerang actually combines photos—which can be shot in portrait or landscape—and plays them forward and back in a loop. After your GIF-like video is finished, you can upload them straight to the app or share them elsewhere. (Free)


Here’s a note taking app to try out if you’re looking to change things up. It recently left the Microsoft Garage project and the app’s emphasis is on jotting down notes fast. So fast, you can even take notes down straight from the lock screen. You can also tag notes (#tips, #grocery, #work), which works really well in the long run if you consistently use them. The app is also easy to use, designed well and packed with features for no cost. (Free)


Snap Palette


The concept is in the name: Snap Palette helps you create an entire palette of colors using a single photo. So just think: It’s fall, and pretty much every outdoor scene is painted with reds, oranges and yellows. It looks so good you decide you want these tones to be used in—I dunno—a new interior decorating project you’re working on. Snap a photo. Use the app to identify the hex codes and voilà! ($1.99)

The Weather Channel

You’re probably already familiar with The Weather Channel—now the channel has refreshed its app, and you might like what you see. The home screen is the most noticeably different—and it’s a good change, because the view actually displays more information without cluttering the overall look. There are also a handful of new features, like a 15-day forecast (it used to only be 10) and the option to go ad-free. (Free)


Windows Phone

Comic IT


If you didn’t already know, there’s a pretty decent comic creator for Windows Phone. Comic IT let’s you use your own photos in a layout you can choose to tell a story. The app also has stickers that you can scale and move around. And a comic creator wouldn’t be complete without speech bubbles. (Free)

Remember to Drink

WATER. Remember to drink is an app that wants to help you remember to drink water, because it’s good for you. Throughout the day the app will remind you to wet your whistle. Over time, you can look at a graph to see how much more water you’ve started drinking. The app also takes into account things about you, including weight, gender, activity level and other circumstances. There’s an iOS version of the app that’s recently been released as well. (Free)


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